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We at InnoLogic Lab, believes in constructive impact of technology intervention on the economy and society worldwide. We are in an era of innovation and entrepreneurship. Thoughtful minds are visualizing how the world will shape up for next few decades. Our aspiration is to be a key contributor in this process and be among preferred Information Technology partners for people and organizations who have enterprising ambitions to realize.
We are an India based company, headquartered at Delhi. Our core team comprises of extensively experienced and extremely energized IT professionals, possessing deep expertise in IT consulting, software solutions and software product development. We are fully equipped to architect, develop and partner through its lifecycle, for a IT solution on state-of-the art technologies (Web, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud).

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Our Crazy Skills

Enterprise Technology Architecture 90
IOS 90
Android 85
Java/ J2EE 90

Team Speaks


It has been a great learning experience for me to work with InnoLogic Lab. I, as an individual, have learned many things. And, I look at InnoLogic Lab as a team of people who are always ready to learn and explore new things. Each project we did or are doing contains a great learning curve. What does it actually means by ‘team work’ I have understood after joining InnoLogic Lab. Together we argue, together we discuss, together we derive solutions, together we celebrate and of-course together we have fun too. Thanks to the organization for having me here.
As a new member in the IT profession, the world was open to me. It has been quite sometime with my day-in day-out working with InnoLogic Lab. Working here seems to me as working for my own self. I learn something new everyday. There is a very positive attitude towards work and life. Peers and colleagues are very supportive, they boost up and create very positive environment. For me, it is a wonderful experience working here. We share happy as well as bitter moments together. It really feels like a happy family.
Happy wala birthday…
My first birthday in my company was very special to me. At office, nobody was aware of my birthday. All team members were busy with their daily routine. Suddenly, At 2:30PM all team members came to my cabin and wished me and I felt so good about it. It was surprising to know that two other members had their birthday on the same day. Everyone was saying that its a hat-trick “…to party to banti hai”. At 4:30PM, we enjoyed the cake party with everyone and I personally enjoyed it very much .
Don’t just do things But do them with the right process and with the optimized way, that is what I have learnt here. I did things, I am doing things and I will gladly continue to do so. We will always take challenges and conquer them just like the way we have been doing. We, as a team, have shared happy as well as no so happy moments here but that is what which makes us a family. Long live InnoLogic Lab :)
Being a new comer in the domain of professionalism, here at InnoLogic Lab, I found a huge scope to raise myself to be a fruitful asset for the betterment of IT services. I love my work and being a part of such a supportive team, I am able to implement my knowledge for good. In such a small span, I have learnt a lot of things and I am getting involved in various aspects of product engineering. My Experience here is not too significant, but it has enriched my ability to work within a team, and I am loving it.
A wonderful journey full of learning in all aspects of life and surrounded by nice and good people around makes it more beautiful.
My work is my passion. I believe in hard work with smartness and love accepting challenges. I meet new faces and I learn something new every single day. It’s a great environment, good people with a shared value system and one of the best platforms in the industry. The people at InnoLogic Lab from top to down are positive, caring, friendly, helpful and truly a ‘family’ yet professional atmosphere. It is a joy coming to work each day.
My first day in my company!
Generally ,I do not prefer long travelling as it has got its own disadvantages. But, it was very exciting and comfortable for me as it was my joining day at InnoLogic Lab. On that day I was very nervous thinking how shall I face everyone and the nervousness increased when I entered the campus. And then someone came to help me , she was my senior “Seema Ma’am” . She introduced me with other employees and helped me in a countless ways. I found that I was not feeling nervous any more, rather more confident . I will remember the day as it was very special to me.


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