Wow !! javascript runs on server too. node.js has made it possible.

node.js is cross-platform runtime environment for server side and networking applications. node.js applications are written in javascript and can run on any operating system without change in the source code.

When we were introduced to node.js ,somewhere there was a thought in mind “is it a good choice?” but after using it our thought was changed, “node.js is pretty cool thing to create server side applications.” and the best part is that we can create whole application using javascript.

When we started working on node.js applications, many challenges were there on the way, but there is an excellent documentation available on node.js official site. If you can code well in javascript than you are all good to work with node.js too.There are many frameworks which help to create node.js application more efficiently and in lesser time. Express is one of them .we learned many things about Express, and concluded that Express is a good choice to make node.js applications.

At early stage of project, we was not too concerned about performance but now, we think, “It is better than other server side technologies” as node.js is based on single threaded execution, using non-blocking IO calls.

Thanks to node.js which is making our life more exciting.