Investment Advisory Solution


InnoInvest is a one-stop solution for investors and advisors. It supports all major instruments and comes with unique set of features around client's portfolio management, analytics and reporting.

Innologic Product Investment Advisory App

Value Add

  • Be always informed
  • Anytime access to latest status on investor portfolio / AUM, and configure for relevant push notifications.

  • Financial Planning
  • Work with your dedicated financial planner and advisor to make a long term, personalised plan for you to meet all your life goals.

  • Strategic Outlook
  • Our strategists will research the most appropriate investment ideas for you – ranging from mutual funds to portfolio management services to structured products and real estate private equity funds.

  • Our Approach
  • We think and plan in scenarios. We always keep the interplay of innovation, utilisation, efficiency, sustainability, marketability and feasibility in mind and light up all the planning and operational aspects of. Our ability to combine financial domain knowledge, creative work and analytical thinking, constitutes one of the decisive factors for the success of an engagement.




    MarinePALS is a complete learning management system designed for Maritime Cadets. It is a web- based portal with an off-line version available on a tablet. It replicates GlobalMET and ISF deck cadet record book and provides the learning material corresponding to each task. The system is designed to replace the hard copy of the Structured Shipboard Training Program Record Book. The tablet device will synchronize the progress of the cadet whenever Wi-Fi or internet is available. The company training officer can receive and provide feedback to the cadet within the same platform. 
    The flag state or others can also access the progress of the cadet and audit the company training. Assignments and consolidated assessment tests are included within the learning material.


    Innologic lab Product Elearning

    Value Add

    • Consolidated material
    • Learning content from various sources consolidated at one place for ready reference.

    • Multi-media content
    • Effective use of multi-media content like videos, animations, diagrams and sketches to make learning interesting.

    • Self-paced learning
    • Cadets can learn anytime and anywhere and at their own pace.

    • Tutorials and Assessments
    • Extensive library of tutorials and assessments for every task.

    • Sync with Server
    • Easy one step synchronization of records with shore server when in wi-fi range.

    • SCORM Compliant
    • The platform has the ability to support any content that is scorm compliant


    BLE Enabled Marketing Solution

    About the solution

    It is an integrated platform best suited for event management. The basic flow of this solution is to setup an event with linked beacons and create interactive data or media associated to each beacon. The mobile application is designed for attendees to receive, store, and organize contextual digital media.

    Innologic Lab Product Bluetooth Low Energy Marketing Solutions
    • Uses Bluetooth Smart technology.
    • Mobile apps on both iOS and Android.
    • Ability to view media offline.
    • Ability to receive only relevant push notifications.
    • Navigates to relevant store/booth.


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