Java and Spring Roo

Java has been a backbone of many a products and while developing one of our products, that we were planning to develop using Java technologies, the team was researching for a framework that can cut the development efforts for us. The team starting researching for it and found quite a few ones that were looking good like Grails, Vaadin, Play, Spring MVC + Roo. Various parameters were looked into to short-list one of them. Spring Roo was the one that was meeting most of the criterias, so it was decided to start the development with it. It took a couple of weeks to completely understand Spring Roo and some of the main things that the team learnt were:

  • How to work with DOJO! As Spring roo comes with DOJO.
  • How to manage the View layer and the most difficult part was to understand the overall work-flow of spring roo project.
  • How to integrate the Spring security addon with existing framework to help secure our product.
  • How to integrate the Annotation addon to make our developers life more happier.
  • Designing the data-model with Spring Roo Scaffolding was a big challenge and an interesting thing at the same time.
  • How to integrate Hibernate ORM in a simple fashion
  • How to integrate Jasper Reports with Spring Roo
  • How to enhance the UI layer using custom CSS.

It was concluded after a 3-4 months of experience that Spring Roo is a powerful tool to create Java+Spring+MVC based application. It really does what it says.

Our team made a solid wiki of whatever they learned from the beginning since initially, there was little help they got from web. Today, they are pretty much comfortable in working with Spring Roo and are also planning to work on few more IT solutions using Spring Roo.

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The Java Team @ InnoLogic Lab